Consolidation and Growth for Healthcare Clinic – Florida

May 2019


Franklin Capital analyzed the projections and opportunity of a business that was rapidly growing and unable to obtain conventional financing which never allowed for the merchant to take advantage of the growth opportunity. Merchant opted for more expensive financing to fund the growth and ran into cash flow problems. Franklin Capital stabilized the balance sheet and introduced basic financial disciplines to allow the merchant to properly grow his business.

West Coast based prepared food company

July 2019


The owner experienced unexpectedly large growth only 2-3 years into business and was unprepared for the cost of the growth and needed working capital. Franklin Capital worked with the merchant to help secure a deal across senior secured lenders, landlords, cash advance companies and private investments. The company is now seeking assistance with operations, management and growth strategy.

West Coast based specialty subcontractor focusing on Multi-Million dollar projects

October 2018, additional funding in November 2018

$2,000,000 with an additional $750,000

The owner required assistance navigating a large debt load pending a lawsuit for lack of payment as well as a full pipeline requiring additional working capital. Franklin Capital helped the merchant consolidate their debts, collect upon the lawsuit, and provided working capital so that the business could continue to grow.

East Coast Based Medical Billing company

September 2018, additional funding in November 2018

$1,100,000 with an additional $400,000

Primary business was stretched thin due to the needs of a side project, running a different business. Franklin Capital helped merchant restructure the balance sheet of the core business and provided financial guidance on how to strategically exit the side business without imposing any financial burden.